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Community Questionnaire

Reconnecting Neighborhoods is a project to learn more about how bus and train service, shopping options, and other neighborhood resources can be improved in three Chicago neighborhoods. Please let us know how you get around Chicago and your neighborhood - the information you provide will be used to explain your community's transportation and development needs in reports and on the website: Individual responses will be anonymous.


* What is your email address?

Email Example:

* Where do you live?


How do you usually reach the following destinations? Please check all the appropriate boxes.

  Metra Train CTA Train CTA Bus Car Bike Walk Other
Grocery Store

What household needs are available in your neighborhood?

Good/Service Within 1/2 mile of your home (less than 10 minute walk) Outside a 1/2 mile of your home (more than a ten minute walk) Please Name the location you go for this service most often (ex: Sams Club on 105th Street)
Sit-down restaurant
Fast food restaurant
Auto care
Furniture or household goods
Banking and financial services
Legal services
Dry cleaning
Child care
Movie theatre
Salon or barber

What do you feel are the most pressing transit (train, bus, bike) needs in your neighborhood?

If you take public transportation to get to work, how long do you usually have to wait for a train or a bus?

Please indicate locations in the neighborhood where it is hard to access the train or bus, and why.

How often do you use or participate in the following?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Blogs/Comment Threads
Public Meetings

How did you hear about Reconnecting Neighborhoods?

One of the main goals of Reconnecting Neighborhoods is to document and broadly communicate the transportation, retail, and service needs of residents and stakeholders in this community.

If you would feel comfortable speaking to a news reporter about getting around in your neighborhood, please include your contact information below:

Phone Example: (123) 456-7890